Thursday, August 2, 2012

Supporting Campus Ministries

Friendship, Money, Faith, Grades, Roommates, Jobs, Romantic Relationships, Sex and Sexuality, Family, Self Esteem, Fitness, Wellness,  Politics, Death, Balance, Goal-Setting. These are just some of the issues that college students deal with as they navigate the transitions from high school to full time employment, from dependence to greater independence. Campus ministers play a vital role in students form their own sense of identity apart from their families of origin, make decisions about their futures, and develop spiritually.

Our church supports two campus ministries: Protestant Cooperative Ministries at Cornell University, and the Protestant Community at Ithaca College. We've invited the chaplains of each of those ministries to preach and share in worship leadership over the next two weeks. This Sunday, we'll be joined by the Rev. Taryn Mattice from Cornell, and the following week by the Rev. James Touchton of Ithaca College. During the school year, they are both very busy serving their student communities. So I hope you'll take the opportunity to come and hear them and get to know them a bit. Their ministries play a vital role in the faith formation of college students and in the life of our church and the broader Ithaca community.

Hope to see you on Sunday.

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